SSL-erate is a 3-year coordination project that aims to accelerate the uptake of high-quality Solid State Lighting (SSL) technology in Europe by supporting open innovation and bringing validated information to all relevant stakeholders. At a higher level this coordinated European effort addresses a number of socio-economic challenges. Europe is faced with:

  • health, energy consumption, and resource effectiveness
  • the future development of the European lighting industry as outlined in the European Commission Green paper Lighting the Future
  • how to enable lighting solutions with a societal and environmental sustainability perspective, leading to a future in which Europe evolves to global leadership in SSL systems and solutions

As a consequence of limited investments and fragmentation in the value chain for smart lighting systems, but also due to limited user awareness, innovation speed and success rates have been too low and the benefits expected from better lighting solutions have not sufficiently materialized. To enhance the awareness, promote high-quality system solutions and, bring functional lighting solutions to all, the consortium will:

  • Create active involvement of various stakeholders through workshops hosted throughout Europe.
  • Launch Lighting For People, a new web-based platform that will be the go-to site for topical high-quality information on solid-state lighting and the user and society value system solutions to get the right light, at the right place, at the right time. Lighting For People will be officially launched on 1 April 2014 at Light+Building and will serve as a resource for everyone. The platform will provide the latest scientific findings on advances in human centric lighting and encourage green business development by means of open innovative collaboration. The Lighting For People platform represents a new model for connecting people, municipalities, lighting, and business in order to make the best —and most informed— lighting decisions in sectors from elderly care and healthcare to education and beyond.

SSL-erate is co-funded by the European Commission as part of the Seventh EU Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development under Grant Agreement No. 619249. LightingEurope is proud to be one of the 24 consortium members working on this project.

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In the EU funded EEPLIANT project on eco-design and energy labelling, Market Surveillance Authorities from 12 EU countries* will carry out coordinated monitoring, verification and enforcement activities for around 100 LED lamps types until June 2017. LightingEurope is a member of the Advisory Board of EEPLIANT. To be noted that LED lamps are one of the three product categories selected by EEPLIANT; the other products are home & office printers and space and combination heaters. (*Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Lithuania, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Sweden and the United Kingdom).

Past Projects

ESOLi (Energy Saving Outdoor Lighting) is a project funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe program of the European Union. ESOLi aims to increase the awareness of intelligent street lighting and accelerate the use of the best available technologies across Europe. The overall objective of ESOLi is to foster the extended use of intelligent lighting systems in outdoor areas and to remove barriers for a large scale technology roll-out.
Project partners plan to assess energy savings in different settings, help to coordinate procurement initiatives, speed up the development of legislation and standards, and draw up a list of customers' requirements. The ESOLi consortium is composed of 16 partners from 14 European countries. They are street lighting operators (including utilities), energy agencies, local authorities, key actors, industry representatives and consultants.

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