The LightingEurope Secretariat is preparing “Brussels Direct” webinars for members – a quick and easy way to stay up to date with latest developments.

27 Jan, "Toys Industries of Europe views on how to address product compliance online in EU legislation"

13 Jan,"EUROPEN key messages on the Packaging Waste Directive"


14 Dec, "UNDER YOUR CHRISTMAS TREE - EU policy initiatives in 2021"

9 Dec, "ECHA SCIP Database – experience of the construction machinery"

3 Dec, "A circular economy model for lighting"

26 Nov, "State of Play-Level(s)-The European framework for sustainable buildings"

19 Nov, "How to tackle the Renovation Wave: the French experience"

18 Nov, "Product compliance: ANFALUM’s market surveillance activities and programme – work for you?

13 Nov, "BIM in Renovation"

28 Oct, "Brexit impact on lighting"

23 Oct, "Repro-light – conclusions from a Life Cycle Analysis concerning the replaceability of luminaire components"

9 Oct, "Sustainable Finance – an outlook on the EU taxonomy"

6 Oct, "Lighting market worldwide: a mid-year up to date"

25 Sep, "The impact of COVID-19 and the necessary stimulus to accelerate renovation in Europe"

17 Sep, "The role of the European Investment Bank in the Renovation Wave"

10 Sep, "Endeavours to tackle online free-riding for Extended Producer Responsibility"

8 Sep, "EU policy trends for IoT"

15 July, "The future of recycling in Europe: an insight into the key opportunities and challenges"

10 July, "B2G development and funding opportunities in Africa"

8 July, "BEUC views on the Digital Services Act"

17 June, "Chemicals Strategy"

12 June, "Addressing product compliance online: Recommendations for the Digital Services Act"

3 June, "LIA guide to Wireless Lighting Control"

20 May, "Business to Government Post-Covid: Unlocking EU Infrastructure Funds in Central and Eastern Europe"

8 May, "COVID-19 safety precautions as the new normal"

6 May, "Update on the Circular Economy Action Plan"