The LightingEurope Secretariat is preparing “Brussels Direct” webinars for members – a quick and easy way to stay up to date with latest developments.

10 Sep, "Endeavours to tackle online free-riding for Extended Producer Responsibility"

15 July, "The future of recycling in Europe: an insight into the key opportunities and challenges"

10 July, "B2G development and funding opportunities in Africa"

8 July, "BEUC views on the Digital Services Act"

17 June, "Chemicals Strategy"

12 June, "Addressing product compliance online: Recommendations for the Digital Services Act"

3 June, "LIA guide to Wireless Lighting Control"

20 May, "Business to Government Post-Covid: Unlocking EU Infrastructure Funds in Central and Eastern Europe"

8 May, "COVID-19 safety precautions as the new normal"

6 May, "Update on the Circular Economy Action Plan"