Europe’s lighting industry has taken the lead in sustainability, not only by delivering significant energy savings but also with our track record in extending the lifetime of products, reducing hazardous substances and collecting and recycling of waste products.

Our ambition is to further minimize our ecological footprint and continue to deliver sustainable products and business models, in line with the EU vision outlined in the European Green Deal and Circular Economy Action Plan.

LightingEurope engages with EU regulators to shape policies and requirements that acknowledge the specificities of lighting products and allow companies to innovate to achieve Europe’s sustainability goals. 

LightingEurope collaborates with EucoLight, representing the WEEE Extended Producer Responsibility schemes for lighting that manage the collection and recycling of waste lighting products.

LightingEurope manages on behalf of the lighting industry and the users of our products the applications process for exemptions under the EU RoHS Directive. We strive to decrease the use of restricted substances in lighting products and, where substitutes are available, support the market to smoothly transition to these alternatives.


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  • LEDs are expected to account for 81% of all light sources in 2030


  • To help transition to mercury-free lamps, LightingEurope works closely with regulators and users to align phase-outs with established maintenance and repair cycles


EU Policies and Rules related to Sustainability

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