LightingEurope organises “Brussels Direct” webinars for our members – a quick and easy way to stay up to date on latest developments and trends in policy-making, the lighting industry and other sectors and to draw inspiration on how to position individual companies.

Check out our list below of past and upcoming webinars.

We organise an average of 2 Brussels Direct webinars per month. Our speakers include European and national regulators, representatives of the lighting supply chain, experts from other industries and other trade associations. 

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2024 Brussels Direct webinars 

18 July Beach reading –  LightingEurope Team
11 July 

Green Claims Directive - Summary of the policy discussion in view of the trilogues – Simon Wessels and Teresa Selvaggio,  LightingEurope

13 June

Results of the European elections and next steps - Teresa Selvaggio and Alfredo Meghini, LightingEurope

14 May  EEPliant 3 project - Results of WP 11 on lighting -  Franz Zach, Austrian Energy Agency, Coordinator of WP 11 of EEPliant 3
30 April  “Final agreement on the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence: the obligations for companies deriving from the new Directive” -  Greta KOCH, Policy Adviser of Axel Voss MEP, Technical negotiator for the EPP on the CSDDD 

24 April

The Empowering Consumers Directive: a recap of the new obligations -  Van Ormelingen Benedicte (DG Justice and Consumers, European Commission)

10 April eu.bac’s views on the revised Energy Performance of Buildings Directive -  Gusts Kossovics, Deputy Managing Director – Head of Policy at eu.bac
9 April EU/GB Legislation Tracker - A new tool for members! - Bob Bohannon, LIA - Teresa Selvaggio, LightingEurope - Marion Ebel, LightingEurope
28 March

 “Strengths and weaknesses of EPR legislation – How the WEEE Forum is taking on the worldwide e-waste challenge” - Pascal Leroy -  Director General of the WEEE Forum

14 March  The SUMATRA research project on luminaires’ environmental impact: final results and recommendations - Knoche, Sebastian andHorst, Rudolph - Trilux
29 February Everything you never wanted to know about the ESPR :) -  Sophia Ehmke - LightingEurope
22 February The EU CIRPASS project on Digital Product Passport -  Eduard Wagner - Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration (IZM)
7 February Upcoming legislative requirements on microplastics - PlasticsEurope’s view on the Microplastics Regulation proposal
Dominik Byrne - Plasticseurope
5 February IBU rules on lighting - Stefan Zwerenz - IBU
11  January

An EU Repairability index
Giulia Zilla – APPLiA

2023 Brussels Direct webinars 

14  December

Under the Christmas tree 🎄
LE Team

11  December

EU Taxonomy and its implications
Vittorio Allegri,  EU Public Policy & Regulatory Affairs - FTI Consulting

7  December

The ESPR: Preparing for the (reporting) obligations on unsold consumer goods
Rannveig van Iterson, Head of Circularity at Ohana Public Affairs

8 November

EU Legislative Process - How it works
Dominik Flikweert, Senior Manager - Grayling

18 October

Requirements on recycled content : views of the Recyclers
 Emmanuel Katrakis, Secretary General  - EuRIC

18 October

Marc Guiraud, Secretary General of EucoLight

5 October

The Directive on Corporate Sustainability and Due Diligence Reporting: overview of new requirements
Sophia Zakari, Policy Director – SME United

28 September

APPLiA’s view on the Right to Repair: The state of the legislation and its potential impacts
Candice Richaud, Senior Manager, Corporate Policy - APPLiA

21 September

Rules on deforestation and Timber Regulation: the impact for downstream users
Rebecca Lentini, Director at Ridens Spa

12 July

Beach reading: LE overview of upcoming EU proposals 
Elena Scaroni & Marion Ebel, Policy Director & Senior Policy Manager at LightingEurope

21 June

The PPWR: Reusable Packaging Europe’s views on the new packaging proposal and introduction to the pooling of reusable transport packaging
Julie Guilbaud, Secretary General - Reusable Packaging Europe

14 June The ‘Green Claims’ proposal and its possible impact on the lighting manufacturing industry - Natalia Chebaeva, Senior Sustainability Consultant - Ecomatters
8 June The Critical Raw Materials Act and its possible impact on the lighting manufacturing industry - Rebecca Lentini, Secretary General - Critical Raw Materials Alliance 
10 May DIGITALEUROPE’s views on the EU Data Act - Julien Chasserieau, Senior Policy Manager - DIGITALEUROPE
2 May CBAM – state of the art of the legislative debate and possible impact on the EU lighting manufacturing industry - Eelco van IJken, Senior Consultant - Ecomatters
26 April  LE evaluation of the revised PSR for luminaries: what are the benefits for the lighting industry? TF Ecopassport members 
19 April Key emerging environmental metrics in the lighting industry - Dr Irene Mazzei, KTP Associate - Edinburgh Napier University/Stoane Lighting 
29 March EU proposals on Green Claims & Right to Repair - Secretariat update - LightingEurope Secretariat
16 March EPBA’s views on the new Batteries & Waste Batteries Regulation - Hans Craen, Secretary General - EPBA
8 March TIE (Toys Industries of Europe)'s views on the General Product Safety Regulation, Lars Vogt, Director EU Policy - TIE
21 Feb Discussion of the lighting industries’ environmental impacts - Research results from the SUMATRA project - DR. Sebastian Knoche - Manager Research, TRILUX 
7 Feb APPLiA's views on EU cybersecurity rules - Michał Zakrzewski - Policy Director, Digital & Competitivness - APPLiA
1 Feb TM 66 – circular economy assessment method for the lighting industry - Bob Bohannon, MSc. FSLL MIET - Head of Policy & Academy, The LIA
25 Jan EuRIC shares recyclers’ views on EU sustainability policies - Emmanuel Katrakis
Secretary General, European Recycling Industries' Confederation (EuRIC)
19 Jan Current/OS Foundation introduction. The leading community for electrical distribution of the future in direct current (DC) - Yannick Neyret, Group Expert & Innovation Director at CurrentOS


2022 Brussels Direct webinars

20 Dec Under your Christmas tree - EU policy initiatives in 2023 - Elena Scaroni and Marion Ebel, LightingEurope
07 Dec EU proposals on Green Claims & Right to Repair - Secretariat update - LightingEurope Secretariat
10 Nov  Corporate Sustainability Reporting – what new obligations should companies expect? Valentina Bolognesi, Senior Social Policy Advisor - amfori
7 Nov SolarPower Europe views on the future Ecodesign proposal on PV panels - Raffaele Rossi, Head of Market Intelligence - SolarPower Europe
26 Oct FESI’ views on the European Commission proposal for a Directive on corporate sustainability due diligence - Katarzyna Sulisz, Sustainability Policy Officer - FESI
19 Oct The Blue Guide review and its impact on the lighting manufacturing industry - Orsolya Deli-Vidács, Legal Officer at European Commission, DG GROW
29 Sept  The Digital Services Act : Main conclusions from the final legislative text - Marion Ebel, Senior Policy Manager at LightingEurope & Marc Guiraud, Secretary General of EucoLight
1 Sept Update on IEC environmental standards for lighting - Bryan King - Executive Director, Lighting Council New Zealand
12 July APPLIA priorities and strategy on the current and upcoming EU legislative files related to circular economy and sustainable products, Paolo Falcioni, Director-General at APPLiA
6 July Beach reading: LE overview of upcoming EU proposals - Elena Scaroni & Marion Ebel, Policy Direct & Senior Policy Manager at LightingEurope
29 June The MEErP methodology review and its possible impact for the future lighting regulations - Davide Polverini, Policy Officer, European Commission, DG GROW
21 June Eu.bac views on the targeted revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive - Simone Alessandri, Deputy Managing Director - Head of Brussels Office, eu.bac
14 June Packaging Directive review and legislations at National level: EUROPEN views - Francesca Stevens, Managing Director at EUROPEN
3 June  The ‘Empowering consumers’ proposal and its possible impact on the lighting manufacturing industry - Jana Hošková,  Jeroen Van Laer and Kilian McDonagh-Diț, Deputy Head, Policy Officer and Legal and Policy Officer, DG JUST
23 May Review of Waste Framework Directive: EU objectives & EucoLight views - Marc Guiraud, Secretary General of EucoLight
13 April The Revision of the REACH Regulation and the essential use concept - Experts from ASMoR – The Alliance for Sustainable Management of Chemical Risks
8 April First LightingEurope impressions – EU Sustainable Products Initiative - Elena Scaroni, Sophia Ehmke, Antonella Del Figliolo, LightingEurope
6 April TIE (Toys Industries of Europe) views on the proposed General Product Safety Regulation - Lars Vogt, Senior Policy Officer, TIE
17 March EU Commission scoring system for repair and upgrade of products: lessons learned and possible next steps - Carsten Wentink & Christoforos Spiliotopoulos, DG ENV European Commission
16 March EucoLight's views on DSA: state of play and future developments - Marc Guiraud, Secretary General of EucoLight
2 March The targeted revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive - Pau Garcia Audi – Policy Officer, European Commission
15 Feb The upcoming machinery regulation & third-party certification obligations - Riccardo Viaggi, CECE Secretary General - CECE
9 Feb Repairability score: the French example - Jean-Marie Croué, General Manager at GIL-Syndicat du luminaire
18 Jan Update on the EU Green Taxonomy - Anne-Charlotte WEDRYCHOWSKA, Circular Economy Director and CSR - FIEEC


2021 Brussels Direct webinars 

10 Dec Under your Christmas tree - EU policy initiatives in 2022 - Elena Scaroni and Marion Ebel, LightingEurope
24 Nov AIM – European Brands Association views on the Digital Services Act - Amaury Libbrecht – Public Affairs Manager – AIM European Brands Association
28 Oct The Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism – legislative proposal and state of play
Emmanuel Podaire – Economic Analyst, TAXUD D4, European Commission
27 Oct Article 9 of Compliance and Enforcement Regulation: Collaboration between Market Surveillance Authorities and Industry
Monika Schmitteckert – Policy Officer for Market Surveillance, DG GROW
20 Oct EN 12464-1:2021 | Light and Lighting – Lighting of work places, Part 1: Indoor work places
Peter Thorns , Head of Strategic Lighting Applications - Thorn Lighting Ltd
28 Sep National legislations on Packaging: what is at stake for the EU Single Market?
Marco Musso - EUROPEN European Federation for Packaging
16 Sep PEP EcopassPort : LCA technical guidelines for electrical, electronic and HVAC equipment
Sylvie BRONCHAIN, General Manager of the P.E.P. Association
15 Sep The new General Product Safety Regulation
Andras Zsigmond, Legal and Policy Officer, Consumer Product Safety at European Commission
9 Sep Sustainability metrics in practice: developments in the UK
Various UK Experts
 7 Jul UV-C Disinfection – Current knowledge base and how LightingEurope is engaging
LightingEurope Working Group experts
22 Jun Compliance and Enforcement Regulation – European Commission’s guidelines on Article 4
Lennart Grundberg, DG GROW
 3 Jun  Standards for Environmental Aspects – update from IEC TC 34 activities
Bryan King, Executive Director, Lighting Council New Zealand 
 28 May Upcoming legislative requirements on plastics and the Plastics Recyclers point of view
Patrick de Kort, Regulatory Affairs, Plastics Recyclers Europe
 11 May   Global Lighting Data Format – an introduction
Robert Heinze, Relux
Wilhelm Bremecker, DIAL
28 Apr EU Sustainable Products debate & LightingEurope activities
Elena Scaroni & Roumiana Santos, LightingEurope
21 Apr The EMC and the LVD Directives review – current status and next steps
Dorota Papiewska & Alexis Basiaux, DG GROW
Mark Whittle (consultant)
13 Apr Substance regulations in the UK post-Brexit
Dr. Chris Robertson & Emily Tyrwhitt Jones, RINA
7 Apr The legislative review on Batteries and the EPBA (portable batteries) point of view
Raquel Ponte Costa, Regulatory Affairs Manager, EPBA
19 Mar The EU-US trade relationship: the impact of the Biden Presidency on trade in electronics
Lenka Fořtová, European Commission, DG Trade
11 Mar The new EU Cybersecurity Strategy and the revision of the NIS Directive
Benjamin Bögel, European Commission, DG CNECT
4 Mar EU GPP criteria for road lighting: Summary of mandatory requirements for public tenders in Italy
Fabio Pagano, Technical Manager, ASSIL
Christian Mazzola, Chief Executive Officer, ARIANNA
25 Feb Post Brexit Update
Tariq Malik, LIA
16 Feb The Sustainable Product Initiative – Overview of objectives and milestones
Alberto Parenti , DG GROW
27 Jan Toys Industries of Europe views on how to address product compliance online in EU legislation
Lars Vogt, Toys Industries of Europe
13 Jan An overview of the current policy developments and trends and EUROPEN key messages on the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive
Marco Musso - EUROPEN European Federation for Packaging



2020 Brussels Direct webinars

14 Dec "UNDER YOUR CHRISTMAS TREE - EU policy initiatives in 2021"

9 Dec "ECHA SCIP Database – experience of the construction machinery"

3 Dec "A circular economy model for lighting"

26 Nov "State of Play-Level(s)-The European framework for sustainable buildings"

19 Nov "How to tackle the Renovation Wave: the French experience"

18 Nov "Product compliance: ANFALUM’s market surveillance activities and programme
– work for you?

13 Nov "BIM in Renovation"

28 Oct "Brexit impact on lighting"

23 Oct "Repro-light – conclusions from a Life Cycle Analysis concerning the replaceability of luminaire components"

9 Oct "Sustainable Finance – an outlook on the EU taxonomy"

6 Oct "Lighting market worldwide: a mid-year up to date"

25 Sep "The impact of COVID-19 and the necessary stimulus to accelerate renovation in Europe"

17 Sep "The role of the European Investment Bank in the Renovation Wave"

10 Sep "Endeavours to tackle online free-riding for Extended Producer Responsibility"

8 Sep "EU policy trends for IoT"

15 July "The future of recycling in Europe: an insight into the key opportunities and challenges"

10 July "B2G development and funding opportunities in Africa"

8 July "BEUC views on the Digital Services Act"

17 June "Chemicals Strategy"

12 June "Addressing product compliance online: Recommendations for the Digital Services Act"

3 June "LIA guide to Wireless Lighting Control"

20 May "Business to Government Post-Covid: Unlocking EU Infrastructure Funds in Central and Eastern Europe"

8 May "COVID-19 safety precautions as the new normal"

6 May "Update on the Circular Economy Action Plan"