The event showcased the key pillars of LightingEurope’s Strategic Roadmap 2025 with their challenges and opportunities: Intelligent Lighting Systems, Human Centric Lighting and Circular Economy. From visionary thoughts on the “digital tsunami” that will hit the industry and the business opportunities it creates for lighting systems, to medical research with lighting and EU insights to the objectives of the Circular Economy and the upcoming review of CE marking rules, the agenda offered a unique range of perspectives.


1. Silvia Leal - How to survive the digital tsunami / Download

2. Peter Hunt - Challenges and opportunities in the transformation of Lighting / Download

3. Birgit Weidel - Ensuring safer and fairer markets / Download

4. John Higgins - Digital Transformation, it is where the money is / Download

5. James McKenzie - Intelligent lighting systems of the future / Download

6. Christian Cajochen - HCL - beyond our eyes, the non-visual impact of light / Download

7 Andreas Schulz - HCL - consequences on lighting design / Download

8. Ian Jordan - Lighting and health / Download

9. Pierre Henry - Circular Economy and Lighting Industry - an EU perspective / Download

10. Jan Denneman - Lighting the future for Europe, concluding remarks / Download


European Lighting Summit - Registration List / Download